Swiss cuisine is rare in its many country influences from its neighbors' cuisine, including Italian, French, and German cuisine. However, the Swiss also have their own unique dishes and traditional cooking methods. Switzerland was historically a country of farmers, so their specialties often associated with cheese and potatoes and also more exotic ingredients, such as chocolate. It is difficult to think of a Swiss table set for a meal without bread. Rolls and Pieces of bread are often the main part of breakfast without these they never start their meal. The most useful main supplement is bread to be used in stews and puddings with vegetables and meats.

Meat is not the main food because it is very expensive, and when it is served it's usually used for important meetings, and lots of vegetables or other fillers are used to bulk up a meal so the meat can feed as many as people. Drinks in Switzerland are beer, juices, milk and chocolate milk, sparkling water and a wide selection of bottomless soft drinks, Wine, coffee or choose from a selection of fine tease, sweeter tastes, rich hot chocolate, frozen cocktails, alcohol-free smoothies. Spices and condiments are Mirador Condiment powder, Aromat.