Germany is positioned in Western Europe, the cuisine they are following is quite simple, they often refer the German tribes cooking ideas; German chefs created dishes from foreigners', the dishes are fermented cabbage dish and type of small pasta introduced by Italian and Romans. Germans always prefer more filling meals with large portions of bread and meat. In German cuisine, the meal is made up of bacon, pears, potatoes, and beans. Germany dishes are a stew comprises of potatoes, carrots and pickled or smoked meat or sausage, a Bavarian sausage is a traditional favorite item made up of chopped veal and pork bacon, pie with a crust made up of diced bacon, applied the fresh cream.

German drinks are very famous soft drink that comprises carbonated mineral water and apple juice. The next drink is quite famous all over the world, beer in Germany is different they used to drink pale beer, dark beer, and wheat beer, wine is popular than beer in Germany, schnapps is an alcoholic drink that has fruit flavouring. In Spices and condiments, German dishes are not hot and spicy, rarely spicy, the most popular herbs they used in cooking is that parsley, thyme, laurel, chives, black pepper, then cardamom, anise seed, and cinnamon are used in cakes.